Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A holiday almost complete

Here we are at the end of our first holiday as a new family.  We have had some amazing adventures, seen whales at play whilst standing in the pouring rain - almost killing my camera, held a massive python at Australia Zoo, the boys loved seeing Bindi perform and the jumping castle.  We have looped the loop a number of times on the lethal weapon ride and trekked large distances both in the wilderness and in the cities. We have camped, cabined and hotelled; and I was a little disappointed when I had the best tropical fruit, not in the tropics but in Adelaide - not tropical fruit season yet. 
We have had highs and lows, and have come out with a great relationship.  Tay has learnt almost all his times tables and has found he has a love of photography.  Seb walked every step of our 14 km walk and Sonny has put in some massive days of solid driving.  We have met family and formed great friendships. 
Home in two days.  Will then have time to remember what we have accomplished.

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Shirley-anne said...

Hi Rachael, sounds like you have had fun . Can't wait to see photos .
Was wonderful to spend the day with you and SUSS you out ...haha not really but seriously I think Sonny , my son, is lucky to have found you ...you seem quite a lady . Welcome to our family .. hope we see photos of your travels soon .