Saturday, 12 February 2011

A post script to today's post

YUM!!!!!  Crusty on the outside and soft in the middle.  The kitchenaid did all the hard kneading, I did the second kneading after the prove, so I still feel like I made it :-)  Sonny was very impressed when he came home to the smell of warm bread.

Very slack, but now I'm back

Hi to all out there in Blog land and sorry to my family who have been encouraging me to update my blog.  I have been very slack in this regard, but we will see how I go now.  Today has been a wonderful day!!  A lovely morning with a good friend and a nose through the Andamooka op shop.  A great drive out there seeing all the hard red gibber plains looking fluffy and green; the usual undulations and holes appear flattened and filled with shimmering water; birds soaring and swooping with the air currents, looking like they were have the time of their life.  When we got to the Andamooka boutique there were very exciting finds out there, designer dress with price tag still attached & my size, many great buys for the boys and others for me, my friend picked up some excellent clothes too, most of them new or near enough to it.  We travelled back to Roxby with the back seat loaded up with our amazing cache of wonder and went to have brunch down the street.  Coming back home we did a show and tell over coffee and then went our separate ways, my friend to the V8 super cars with her hubby (on the TV - not in Roxby) and me to my kitchen. 
 This afternoon I have been playing with my new toy... A kitchenaid mixer!!!! and it's purple!  Well boysenberry, but as close as kitchen aid gets to purple.  I have made bread and now have coffee & walnut biscotti in the oven.  The house smells wonderful and I am finding it hard to wait for Sonny to come home before trying the bread.  Mmmm, hot crusty bread, strait from the oven....  resistance is fading.....