Monday, 13 September 2010

A day in Green Island - Paradise

Photo by my darling
Aah, beautiful water
Up early this morning to head into Cairns, worried about the heavy clouds that seemed to hover low, with cries from the back seat of 'where are we going', 'I think you have gone in the wrong direction', 'we will miss the boat' and 'I think we have gone too far'.  No matter how much reassurance that we left early enough to have time to check in and look around, that we have a GPS to tell us where to go, and we were in the car park and we still had an hour and a half before we could get on the boat.  Once we picked up the ticket the boys wanted to sit on the jetty and wait for the boat, even though it was still an hour away.  I think  we will be getting the boys a watch so they can get to grips with time. 

The Boys Exploring
On the boat they were very excited, one running all over the boat, loving the splash of the spray from the stern, the younger hugging close to Dad, happy about the free biscuits.  As we got to the Island the clouds stayed behind, revealing the blue green water one would expect from the Barrier Reef. 

Glass bottom boat once we departed from the Catamaran ....... We saw a sea turtle!!!!!!!! I think I was as excited as the boys. We also saw lots of other bright coloured fish and many different types of coral.  The guide was thrilled with the rapid fire questions from our littlest.

A fish from the Glass Bottom Boat
Once on shore it was strait to the dive shop for snorkels, the boys could not wait to get in the water.  With the young ones we snorkeled between the flags, so not over the reef, but we did see bright fish and some that were very curious of us, would dart away when we tried to get close to them but would come strait back to us when we moved away from them.  This was my first time snorkeling and once I got used to breathing through my snorkel, I stopped swallowing as much sea water and spent longer with my head under water. 

On the way to Green Island
Beach Walk
Tummies growling, we headed back for lunch and then a walk around the island.  Too soon it was time to leave, taking many happy memories with us.

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Shirley-anne said...

Hi Rach , lovely photos . Looks like it was fun . Thanks for sharing .